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실험 145-B 일자: \ \ 대상: D-145-4751에게 한 개의 GPS 추적 기기를 부착하고, 한 개의 6형 제식 군사용 전투 나이프를 지급했다. SCP-1453 Nike size42.5EU ยาว27cm. รองเท้าหนังหุ้มข้อสีน้ำตาล ใส่ลุยสบายๆ สภาพสวยๆใส่กับยีนส์หล่อๆกันเลย ราคา 890 บาท ส่ง EMS ฟรี!!!! scp-1451によって形成される輪の中央(以後、活性化領域と呼称されます。)へ40g以上の質量を持つ固体オブジェクトが進入すると、scp-1451は動き出し、前述のオブジェクトを破壊しようとします。 SCP-1457 appears to be a Nymphalis antiopa butterfly possessing a missing forewing and solid white eyes. Despite the tattered condition of its wings, SCP-1457 is still capable of flight. Possibly due to its unique feeding habits, SCP-1457 does not show signs of aging. SCP-1457 is capable of transferring memories between humans through skin contact.

Scp 1453

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SD18. SD25. SEDC. Reidin, Ağaoğlu group, Maslak 1453, Hasan rahvalı, Oib, Bosporus, Tophane Scp ginisty & associes, Zalando campus, Henn, Blp berwin leighton paisner  926—930 Widegren, G., 27 arb. många med ded.

17111 mycket 15711. [myckna pl.]*  1453. N.K. TERKILDSEN.

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Se hela listan på SCP Polska Filia CC BY-SA 3.0 Informacje licencyjne. Lista angielska 2 SCP-1452 — Terrible Home Additions; SCP-1453 — Opalus Probandi; SCP-1454 — Sibling The original concept art for SCP-860-2. I thought I might as well re-upload this piece with the launch of SCP Containment Breach version 1.0 but I never got around to itbut here it is now. As a side note my sincere apologies to the groups I have submitted this piece to I accidentally keep putting it in the wrong folders.

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Willkommen im deutschen SCP-Wiki. Wir sind der deutsche Ableger des SCP-Wikis. Wir übersetzen SCPs aus dem Englischen und anderen Sprachen und schreiben eigene SCPs, Geschichten und Hintergrundartikel. Dazu brauchen wir deine Unterstützung.

SONICWALL Cloud App Sec Basic 5 - 24 Users 1Yr SKU: 02-SSC-2124. SONICWALL Cap Cl Basic 10000+EndPnt 1Y SKU: 02-SSC-1453. SCT Germany, SCP 3901. SIDAT, 460538. SKF, VKBA 3901, (denna produkt).
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Object Class: Safe. Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1450 is to be kept in a hermetically-sealed concrete chamber measuring 5 meters in height, width, and length, to prevent propagation. SCP-1450 is to be monitored by monochrome closed circuit security camera. Description: SCP-1463-A is a component of SCP-1463 that exhibits a weak antimemetic effect.
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Scorpion's House. Home You are here: Home SCP-1458-1 was the only child under its effect when retrieved, and due to complications relocating said subject due to no records of a subject named [REDACTED] and SCP-1458's co-operative and calm behaviour when in the presence of the subject, SCP-1458-1 shall be left in the care of SCP-1458 until specified otherwise. SCP-1452 will then emanate sounds of hammering, sawing, and drilling for several hours. After SCP-1452 ceases to make sound, a 2x1 meter section of the wall SCP-1452 is contacting will dissolve, and a door will move into its place. At this point SCP-1452 will contain a fully furnished interior.